54: 2017 Year in Review – Art of the Sermon

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In October 2017, this podcast celebrated its 2-year anniversary! Thank you all so much for listening and supporting the show for the last two years!

On this year-end episode, we look back at some memorable moments from 2017 on the podcast. Whether you’ve been a listener from the beginning or you have joined in along the way, this is a great recap.

Hint, hint: It would also be a perfect episode to share with friends or colleagues who have yet to listen!

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Intro (1:09)
Carey Nieuwhof – Preaching as leadership (2:17)
Adam Hamilton – Preaching that connects with the non-religious (5:08)
Jorge Acevedo – The benefits of team sermon planning (8:37)
Sophia Agtarap – Finding the right voices to speak (12:32)
Olu Brown – Building a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive congregation (15:46)
Alisha Gordon – The fatherless of Scripture and single mothers (18:25)
Dalton Rushing – Preaching when you’re not feeling it (21:12)
Narcie Jeter – Self care and learning to really trust God (24:15)
Ryan O’Neal – Guiding principles for creative work (27:51)
Brad Montague – The enduring power of hope (31:17)

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An interview with Brent Gambrell, author and President of Brent Gambrell Ministries (Nashville, TN)

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