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Guest: Rev. Melissa Cooper- Director of LECFamily, Program Director for the Life Enrichment Center
General Topic: Intergenerational Ministry

Introduction to Rev. Melissa Cooper (0:39)
Melissa’s approach to preaching (2:42)
Intergenerational ministry (7:05)
Impact of intergenerational ministry on families (13:06)
Planning and creating intergenerational worship (17:59)
Tips for making sermons more accessible (28:09)
Intergenerate Conference (36:54)
Picture Advent (39:08)
Recommended Resources (41:10)
How to follow Melissa’s work (42:19)

Links to things mentioned in the episode

The Life Enrichment Center (Fruitland Park, FL)
AOTS 21 with Adam Weber
Holly Allen
Kara Powell
Fuller Youth Institute
John Roberto
Lifelong Faith Associates
Vibrant Faith Ministries
GenOn Ministries
Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids by Kara Powell and Chap Clark
Parenting in the Pew: Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship by Robbie Castelman
Rev. Sarah Miller (Tuskawilla UMC)
Integenerate Conference
Institute for Christian Spirituality
Picture Advent
Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship by Holly Allen and Christine Lawton Ross

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Next Episode arrives December 1, 2016!

An interview with Rev. Jorge Acevedo, Lead Pastor at Grace Church (Cape Coral, FL)

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