Art of the Sermon Episode 021: An Interview with Adam Weber – The Role of Preaching in a Growing Church

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Guest: Adam Weber – Founding and Lead Pastor at Embrace Church, the fastest growing United Methodist Church

Introduction to Adam and his work (1:11)
Growth and Heath of Embrace Church (3:36)
Philosophy of communication and preaching (6:16)
How growing up outside the church shapes preaching (7:16)
Role of preaching at Embrace (11:38)
Guest preachers (13:29)
Adam’s upcoming book on prayer (17:47)
Teaching from within the community (20:24)
Authenticity in preaching (23:45)
Challenging and favorite preaching experiences (28:45)
Recommendations (32:54)
How to follow Adam (35:07)

Links to things mentioned in the episode

Embrace Church
The Conversation with Adam Weber
Talking with God: What to Say When You Don’t Know How to Pray – Adam Weber
TED Talks
Eagle Brook Church – Bob Merritt
Southland Christian – Jon Weece

Reaching out to our guest
@AdamWeber (Twitter)
@AdamAWeber (Instagram)

Next Episode arrives August 18, 2016!

An interview with Sarah Green Carmichael – Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review and Host of “HBR Ideacast”

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