Textures of the Life of Jesus

Below are images I took while on my trip to the Holy Land. They are extreme closeups, capturing the textures of some of the places we visited. This set of images specifically focuses on the life of Jesus.

By getting such a close look at details from the settings of Jesus’ life, it is a reminder that he was a real person who lived and ministered in real places. They can serve as visual guides or inspiration for times of prayer or Scripture reading. May they help bring to life the stories of the Gospels.

For example, included in these images is a close up of the wall of the prison cell underneath the house of Ciaphas where Jesus was held while awaiting his trial. As Jesus perhaps lay his head against this stone wall, what would he have been feeling? Seeing? Thinking about? Praying about?

Note: There are two locations traditionally held by different branches of the Church to be the site of Jesus’ death and resurrection — the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb. The photos are arranged relatively chronologically to the Gospel stories, and so photos from both locations are interspersed. See the captions for details.

Download these images.

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