A Call and Response for Transfiguration Sunday

Transfiguration is an inbreaking.

Transfiguration affects those around it.
Open our.

Because Transfiguration is about reality.
Open our eyes.

Transfiguration is active.
Open our eyes to.

Transfiguration reveals that which seemed hidden.
Open our eyes to see.

Transfiguration reveals identity and purpose.
Open our eyes to see You.

Transfiguration is a declaration.

Transfiguration speaks hope.
The Word.

Transfiguration reminds us of where we came from.
The Word was.

Transfiguration reminds us what we were made for.
The Word was Life.

Transfiguration reminds us that the story is not over.
The Word was Life and.

Transfiguration points us to where we are going.
The Word was Life and Light. 

Transfiguration happened on a mountaintop.

But Transfiguration did not leave them there.
The darkness.

The Transfigured One had still to depart, to descend.
The darkness could.

But Transfiguration proclaims that death was never going to be the end.
The darkness could not.

What Transfiguration revealed became permanent in Resurrection.
The darkness could not overcome.

May we follow the Transfigured One—resurrected and glorified—down the mountain today.
The darkness could not overcome You.

Header image by Flickr user Moyan Brenn. Used under Creative Commons License.

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