2015 Lent Prayer Calendar

Below is a prayer calendar for Lent 2015. You can download a PDF by clicking here.

Lent Prayer Calendar 2015

Weekly Theme: Self

□ Wednesday, February 18 (Ash Wednesday, Lent Day 1) – My sin
Reflect on areas where your thoughts and actions have separated you from God, others, and yourself. Ask God to make you aware of unrealized sin, and accept God’s forgiveness.

□ Thursday, February 19 (Lent Day 2) – My limitations
Reflect on areas where you don’t feel 100% or where you have experienced failure. Turn your limitations over to God who is our strength.

□ Friday, February 20 (Lent Day 3) – My doubts
Admit to God those areas where you struggle with questions and doubt (don’t worry—God already knows, and God can handle it). Ask God to bring you perspective and peace.

□ Saturday, February 21 (Lent Day 4) – My resources
Give thanks to God for the resources you do have, ask God for provision where you experience lack, and ask God to show you the difference between wants and needs.

□ Sunday, February 22 (Little Easter 1) – My relationship with God
Thank God for initiating a relationship with you, and ask God to continue to shape you into the person God is calling you to be. Ask God to show you areas where you can better connect.

Weekly Theme: My Connections

□ Monday, February 23 (Lent Day 5) – My close family
Name those parents, siblings, and others who act as close family to you. Reflect on how God has used them in your life, and give thanks.

□ Tuesday, February 24 (Lent Day 6) – My extended family
Lift up those members of your family that you are not as connected to. Perhaps even reach out to one or two, and let them know you are praying for them.

□ Wednesday, February 25 (Lent Day 7) – My friends
Give thanks for the people who fill and color your life and bring you joy. Give thanks for the support they give you, and ask God how you can support them in return.

□ Thursday, February 26 (Lent Day 8) – My teachers/spiritual leaders
Name those people who have served as teachers and spiritual leaders, and give thanks for the ways in which they have poured into your life.

□ Friday, February 27 (Lent Day 9) – My co-workers
Remember in prayer those people you work with on a regular basis, whether through a job, through volunteering, or other avenues. Ask God to show you how to be the Light of Christ.

□ Saturday, February 28 (Lent Day 10) – The people whose paths I cross on a daily basis
Take special note today of the people you interact with—the grocery checkout clerk, a bank teller, or your server at a restaurant. Say a quick silent prayer for them today.

□ Sunday, March 1 (Little Easter 2) – My church family
Give thanks for our church community. Ask God to show you how to better connect—whether through the building of new bridges or the repairing of strained or broken relationships.

Weekly Theme: My Community

□ Monday, March 2 (Lent Day 11) – The homeless
Remember those in our community who do not have a permanent roof over their head. Ask God to use the resources in our community to keep them safe and help them.

□ Tuesday, March 3 (Lent Day 12) – The sick or injured
Say a prayer today for those who are suffering through illness or injury. Give thanks for your wellness, to whatever degree you have it, and pray for the doctors and nurses who serve.

□ Wednesday, March 4 (Lent Day 13) – The imprisoned
Remember those who are in prison or living with the consequences of having committed a crime. Pray too for their families and for victims of crime.

□ Thursday, March 5 (Lent Day 14) – Local law enforcement and first responders
Say a prayer of thanks for our local law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families. Ask God to keep them safe, and pray for their relationship to our community.

□ Friday, March 6 (Lent Day 15) – Community leaders
Pray for wisdom and guidance among those who make decisions and lead in our community. Pray that they would seek to improve the lives of all people, especially the poor and powerless.

□ Saturday, March 7 (Lent Day 16) – Those who don’t know Christ
Remember in your prayer today those who don’t yet know Christ or who struggle with faith. Ask God how we can be the presence of Christ in their lives.

□ Sunday, March 8 (Little Easter 3) – Other local churches
Pray for the other churches in our area that join us in the work of ministry. Pray especially for their work in evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

Weekly Theme: My World

□ Monday, March 9 (Lent Day 17) – Those serving in the armed forces
Pray with gratitude today for those serving in our armed forces around the world. Give thanks for the safety and freedom we have because of their sacrifice. Pray for peace as well.

□ Tuesday, March 10 (Lent Day 18) – U.S. public servants and government officials
Lift up those who serve in local, state, and federal government. Ask that they be spurred to do their job for the good of all people in our nation.

□ Wednesday, March 11 (Lent Day 19) – Foreign leaders
Lift up those who make decisions around the world, both our allies and our enemies. Pray that there would be a desire for peace within the hearts and minds of all with such influence.

□ Thursday, March 12 (Lent Day 20) – Non-profit organizations
Pray for those that work to solve the world’s practical problems. May everyone one day have access to basic necessities like food/clean water, housing, education, and health care.

□ Friday, March 13 (Lent Day 21) – Those who face danger
We pray for those in war zones, areas of famine, areas of political corruption, and underdeveloped areas. We also pray for the victims of slavery and human trafficking.

□ Saturday, March 14 (Lent Day 22) – Those who don’t know Christ
We pray for those around the world who do not know Christ. We especially lift up those in cultural areas where the Gospel of Christ cannot be freely proclaimed.

□ Sunday, March 15 (Little Easter 4) – The Church Universal
Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Pray for missionaries who have left home for the sake of Christ. Pray as well for those Christians who face persecution.

Weekly Theme: Fruits of the Spirit

□ Monday, March 16 (Lent Day 23) – Love
Ask God to increase within you the fruit of love.

□ Tuesday, March 17 (Lent Day 24) – Joy
Ask God to increase within you the fruit of joy.

□ Wednesday, March 18 (Lent Day 25) – Peace
Ask God to increase within you the fruit of peace.

□ Thursday, March 19 (Lent Day 26) – Patience
Ask God to increase within you the fruit of patience.

□ Friday, March 20 (Lent Day 27) – Kindness, Generosity
Ask God to increase within you the fruits of kindness and generosity.

□ Saturday, March 21 (Lent Day 28) – Faithfulness, Gentleness
Ask God to increase within you the fruits of faithfulness and gentleness.

□ Sunday, March 22 (Little Easter 5) – Self-Control
Ask God to increase within you the fruit of self-control.

Weekly Theme: Spiritual Disciplines

□ Monday, March 23 (Lent Day 29) – My prayer life
Ask God to bring you assurance that your prayers are heard and valued.

□ Tuesday, March 24 (Lent Day 30) – My reading of Scripture
Ask God to bring the Word of God alive for you today.

□ Wednesday, March 25 (Lent Day 31) – My practice of celebration/gratitude
Ask God to make you someone who remembers to celebrate and give thanks often.

□ Thursday, March 26 (Lent Day 32) – My practice of giving/simplicity
Ask God to show you how you can simplify your life and dedicate or donate any time, resources, or tangible things you no longer need or use to someone or some organization that needs it.

□ Friday, March 27 (Lent Day 33) – My practice of service/missions
Ask God to place on your heart a person or group of people, a problem, or an organization to whom or through which you can be the hands and feet of Christ.

□ Saturday, March 28 (Lent Day 34) – My practice of Sabbath/silence/solitude
Ask God to help you find spaces in your life where you can be still and rest in God’s presence.

□ Sunday, March 29 (Palm Sunday, Little Easter 6) – My practice of worship
Ask God to reignite your passion for worship, especially as you come to church today.

Weekly Theme: Life of Jesus

□ Monday, March 30 (Lent Day 35) – The birth/baptism of Jesus
Think about how much of a sacrifice and how great a gift it was that the infinite God chose to take on human flesh. Remember and give thanks for the gift of baptism.

□ Tuesday, March 31 (Lent Day 36) – The teachings of Jesus
Reflect on the teachings of Jesus that have had the greatest impact on your life. Notice too how Jesus often chooses to teach through stories. Ask God how you can use your story.

□ Wednesday, April 1 (Lent Day 37) – The miracles of Jesus
Remember the ways in which Christ did the work of God through miracles. Give thanks for the modern-day miracles that we take for granted all the time.

□ Thursday, April 2 (Maundy Thursday, Lent Day 38) – The institution of communion
As we remember the night of the Last Supper, remember that Jesus called them to unity. Remember also that Jesus took an ordinary meal, bread and wine, and made it extraordinary.

□ Friday, April 3 (Good Friday, Lent Day 39) – The crucifixion of Jesus
Remember the pain and suffering that Christ took upon himself, even while he did not deserve it, so that our sins could be forgiven.

□ Saturday, April 4 (Holy Saturday, Lent Day 40) – The defeating of sin and death
Remember that as the world waited in silence, Jesus continued to reveal God’s power and love for us by defeating the powers of sin and death. Ask God to defeat them in your life today.

□ Sunday, April 5 (Easter Sunday) – The resurrection
Remember the most amazing gift of all—Christ rose from the dead! In doing so, he made a way for us to be reconciled to God and to be in relationship with God for eternity.

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