What Role Does Worship Play in Your Community?

What role do you want worship to play in your community?

What role does it actually play in your community?

Is worship the “front door” or “entry point” to your church?

Is worship the ministry that the highest percentage of your community interacts with?

Is worship the primary avenue for preaching? Teaching? Prayer? Discipleship?

Is it about gathering? Sending? Both?

Is your worship experience conducive to connection within the community? Or can you come and go without engaging a single other person?

Is your worship skippable? What do those in attendance experience that you can’t get elsewhere? What can those who miss do to catch up?

How we answer these questions and ones like them tell us so much. The difference between what we want and how it actually is reveals areas for focus and refinement. Intention and impact are two different things. Stated goals, mission, and vision are powerless if our action and direction aren’t in line.

And if we’re mindlessly plugging things into a formula every week, chances are good we have lost our way.

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