The Power of Delivery

Never underestimate the power of the delivery.

I could write a long blog post explaining why — and I likely will in the future. But for now, the video embedded below should be considered required viewing for all communicators.

This is the 67th and final season that Vin Scully will serve as broadcaster for the Dodgers. He is one of the most beloved figures in baseball and one of the best sports commentators of all time.

Normally, there are at least two broadcasters: one covering play-by-play and the other offering commentary. Scully does it all himself, masterfully weaving the events of the game between the stories he loves to tell.

Part of Scully’s charm is that he has known so many people over the years and can tell stories about people like Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball with the Dodgers. But he has just as many stories about current players, and he has lost no love for the game or its colorful characters.

The video plays on the adage that some people are such good communicators, you could sit and listen to them read the phone book or a grocery list. For me, at least, with Scully, this is true.

Give the video another play or two, and appreciate a master at work. You don’t need to preach or teach exactly like Vin Scully, but our ministries would all be better served if we remembered to take delivery seriously.

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