Scott Harrison of charity: water

“I wanted desperately to revive a lost Christian faith with action and asked the question: What would the opposite of my life look like?”

Scott Harrison is the founder and director of charity: water. His organization has completed 16,277 water projects in 24 countries as of the beginning of August 2015. Part of what makes charity: water unique in the landscape of charities is that 100% of donations go to projects in the field, and they provide proof of every completed project through photos and GPS coordinates.

I have been a fan of charity: water for a couple years now–both of their amazing work (obviously) as well as their commitment to storytelling and design. Almost five years ago, my wife and I used our wedding to raise awareness for their work, both encouraging guests to make donations as well as making a donation ourselves in honor of each person who attended in lieu of a take-home party favor.

While you may be familiar with their work, many people are not yet familiar with the motivation behind the work. Scott’s story of how he went from being raised in a conservative Christian home to becoming a successful night club promoter in New York to God calling him to do more with his gifts and abilities is a compelling one. I have used his story as an example and illustration in so many settings for so many different topics.

If you would like to hear his story and the story of charity: water as told by Scott, check out the latest episode of the RobCast embedded below (or at this link).

You can read more about Scott’s story and watch a few videos on his page at the charity: water official site.

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