How To Use Twitter by Twitter

Twitter can be a great tool for you or your organization to make connections and get the word out. It is also a great place to listen and learn from others. Admittedly though, it can be a little intimidating if you have yet to jump in. And even if you are a regular user, it never hurts to try and improve your game.

Twitter wants to help! They have created a comprehensive guide aimed at helping politicians and governmental organizations learn to use their service effectively. Over the 136 pages, it covers everything from the very basics up to understanding analytics and advertising.

While written for the context of politics, it is not difficult to translate the instructions and tips for ministry. Check out the Twitter Government and Elections Handbook and let me know in the comments what you learn!

BONUS: Shortly after preparing this post, Facebook launched a website teaching non-profits how to get the most out of their Facebook pages.

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