Hard is Ok

First, if you are a writer or communicator of any kind, you should be following @AdviceToWriters on Twitter, as it will fill your feed with amazing thoughts all day long.

Second, if you are a writer or a communicator of any kind, you have probably found yourself sitting at your desk staring at that blinking cursor, that blank page, that keyboard, that microphone… You have likely found yourself staring at an inbox full of email you struggle to answer or at a first, second, or third draft that seems to have no hope. You are not alone – and you know that, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.

Another feeling that creeps up from time to time is the thought that if you were truly meant to do this, it would come easy. If you were truly called, God would provide the words, the melodies, the stories, the flow every day. Yet, the Bible is full of examples of called people who face incredible challenges – and many of them are communicators!

How hard or how easy something seems is not directly correlated to God’s call on your life and work. Rather, a measure of God’s call is found when you lean into that which is hard and find the strength, assurance, and encouragement to keep going.

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