2018 New Year’s Resolutions for Church Communicators

Late last year, I became a contributor with United Methodist Communications. It has been a huge honor to get to write about church communications for my denomination, and I will be sharing some of the articles here when the subject matter overlaps.

Two from last fall that will be helpful to those who work on social media are “How to use social media to restore trust in the church” and “How to respond to trolls, haters, and honest feedback on Facebook“.

As we kickoff 2018, you might have some personal New Years resolutions, but do you have any for how you and your ministry communicate online? I have three suggestions if you’re looking for some ideas:

1. Pivot away from one-to-many communication

Employ words, phrases, and structures you would use when communicating to an individual or a small group.

2. Refocus your approach on each platform

Tailoring the content and the style of your posts to specific platforms will make them more personalized and effective.

3. Try out more video (especially live video)

Video continues to drive more engagement, and a recent study showed that 80% of people prefer live video to blogs and standard social media posts.

For more details, tips, and a bonus resolution, check out the full post “3 New Year’s resolutions for church communicators.”

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