Art of the Sermon Podcast

Art of the Sermon Podcast

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“Art of the Sermon” is a show for preachers, teachers, and communicators. The truth is whether you are a pastor, a small group leader, or don’t even have a volunteer or job title at all, we are all called by God to communicate our faith. My aim is to make a show for leaders in ministry–formally or informally, inside or outside the church–who have an interest in preaching/public speaking and church communication.

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At the beginning of each month, the program will feature an interview with a preacher, teacher, or communicator. In the middle of the month, there will be an episode that reflects and builds on the conversation with the month’s guest as well as covers topics of interest.

During the mid-month episodes I especially want to include feedback from listeners! What did you think of the topic? What did you like? What did you learn? What gaps or missing perspectives might you be able to fill in? What tips or tricks do you have based on the topic? The best way to get your feedback in is through leaving a comment on the show notes pages linked below or through the social media connections linked above.